A Newark police officer has been fired for a racist remark he made about Newark Mayor Ras Barka in a Facebook conversation.

NJ.com reports that a screenshot was captured of the conversation between Lt. Anthony Caruso and an unidentified person. In the conversation, the other person posts a picture of a gorilla and asked  "Lmfao...How's your mayor?" to which Caruso commented "Exactly!!!"

An investigation by police concluded the conversation was a willful violation of a policy for city employees that they cannot make any comment or opinion on social media defaming their own department, a city employee or the city of Newark according to NJ.com.

"As we continue to improve our community relations and to develop police legitimacy, we will not condone the type of behavior that Lt. Caruso displayed while referring to a member of our city administration as a gorilla," Police Director Eugene Venable said in a statement to NJ.com.