Two students at West Deptford High School have been disciplined following online postings that stirred up racial tensions at the school, according to reports.

Superintendent Kevin Kitchenman told the Courier Post a doctored image appearing to show the message "home of all WHITE people" on the school's website had spread to several people.

But despite appearances, the school's website had never actually been hacked to include the phrase. Kitchenman said that a student created the image, and sent it to friends — from there, it became widespread on Friday.

"It reached a lot of people," Kitchenman told the newspaper.

The report also said that on Friday, school administrators learned of several social media messages that Principal Dr. Brian Gismondi said "referenced bias statements."

Gismondi a message to students, staff and parents saying such statements will not be tolerated.

"Our students hold the integrity and reputation of our school in their hands at all times," the Courier Post quoted Gismondi saying. They need to stop the posting, texting and talking about each other on social media."


NJ Advance Media reports an earlier Twitter poll was the first to stir up tensions. The poll asked "what's more annoying at WDHS" with the choices "How cold it is" and "Black hallway kids."

According to the report a group of students called for a silent protest, calling for students to wear all black in support of minority students Friday, the same day pictures of the supposedly hacked website were creating a stir.

Kitchenman told the NJ Advance Media said a West Deptford police officer who is stationed at the school all day was "very active" dealing with flare ups between students in the hallways.

The district is handling the two incidents as bias infractions, and has disciplined two students, according to the report,

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