Dennis and Michele Pilenza (filling in for Judi Franco) were discussing the topic of fainting today (10/09) on the show. Have you ever fainted? Have you seen someone faint? Dennis is of the firm belief that men do not randomly faint. The whole discussion was spawned by a fainting accident that played out on live television.

It starts happening  around the 1:08 mark. You'll see both hosts discussing the product and then slowly you can notice that something isn't quite right with Cassie Slane. QVC Host Dan Hughes, does a great job not missing a beat, even as it looks as if Slane is going to fall right into his arms before they cut away and show the product.

Slane actually attempts to recover later in the promotion and again looks as if she will faint and Hughes decides to smartly end the commercial.

You can view the entire video here:


Have you ever fainted? Did you ever witness someone fainting? Do you agree with Dennis and think that fainting only happens to women? Leave your comments below.