Well, it's on to our snow storm, which begins tonight.

First things first, Today will be gradually clouding up, with any sunshine fading.  Highs from 28 to 32.

Snow begins overnight, probably as early as 10 p.m. to midnight in South Jersey.  It will start a little bit later elsewhere.

There will be several inches-plus on the ground by daybreak tomorrow morning.  It will likely changeover to sleet and rain by the morning in far southern and coastal counties.  There will be just a few inches, if that, along the south coast.

I think that now we even have the chance of a likely changeover to a wintry mix and even rain in other parts of the state, maybe sections of Central and North Jersey.  It may go back to snow tomorrow night before ending.

Most highs will be in the 30s tomorrow, though there are a few possible 20s in NW Jersey.  Four to 8 inches of snow is possible in most locations, and maybe even more.  But, much less near the ocean.