Operation Hire A Jersey Hero has been launched.

About 80 different companies from across the Garden state gathered at Prudential’s headquarters in Newark today, to learn about the best ways to connect with, hire and train returning veterans seeking employment opportunities.

Jersey Department of Labor Commissioner Hal Wirths says “as I’ve been touring the state, people are very enthusiastic about hiring veterans – there’s no problem there – but I think we have to let them know what is the best way, and how to go about it.”

He points out veterans –because of their training in the armed forces – have many desirable attributes, including discipline, loyalty and commitment to teamwork – which is very attractive for potential employers.

“As we assist veterans in preparing their resumes” says Wirths, “our people actually pull the skills of the veterans out – which will match much better with job opportunities – because they have a great deal of skills that don’t show up sometimes under their job titles.”