“Think of your fellow man. Lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart”. Yes, great song but especially fitting this morning. Most negative news stories we report on don't usually end with positives. Sometimes there are rare exceptions and in this case there is. I'm talking about the homeless man who was viciously attacked on video that was put up on YouTube by two Lake Como men.

Normally, I don't have a chance to voice an opinion in a news story or do I get to tell you how I feel. The word disgusted comes to mind. I was so upset and angry by what I saw. It's really tragic this kind of thing even happens. Whatever happened to tolerance and loving your fellow man? Instead of beating the crap out of some homeless man, why not bring him a sandwich or give him a few bucks to get a jacket or something. People like that just get to me. I can say I hope the boys involved get a stiff penalty for what they did. This video and their arrests have made national news. Thank goodness 51 year old David Ivins is ok.

And that's where the good part of this story comes in. Since the incident and it's appearance around the country on news broadcasts, thousands of people have joined the Support for David Ivins of Belmar, NJ Facebook Group.

Two local communities are also working to help him. Businessmen in Wall Township and Belmar have started collecting money for Ivins. The owners of a local hotel are giving him a place to stay from now until January 3rd for free. Ivins told reporters he plans to find a job and work to stop his drinking. People on the social networking page want to collect money to get him a more permanent place to stay while he sorts things out.

A brief TV interview with the mother of Taylor Giresi, the 20 year old seen in the video committing the heinous act, shows two sides. She first talks about how her son needs help and how the video drove her to tears. In the next breath, she argues the media is blowing this out of proportion and "the man is fine - just a bloody nose." Out of proportion? The video is all the proof I need.

Do you agree with the mother? Are we making too much out of this? Have you seen the video? Watch it here - but I warn you its very graphic.

  • Watch the videos by clicking here. These videos are graphic in nature and not suitable for all audiences.

It's nice to see some support from the public about this. Homelessness is a growing problem in the Garden State and around the nation. With the economy slow to recover, there is even more need for helping them.

"And the world...will be a better place."