By say a week or two? Would you do it? Push off Christmas in order to save a ton of money? Deloitte's annual survey for the first time asked the question whether people planned on waiting until January to do the bulk of their Christmas shopping. 6% said they were waiting. I can only assume these are folks who are waiting to buy the grown-up to grown-up gifts, where practicality is embraced. I can't imagine very many telling their young children, children who still 'believe', that Santa is going to be running a few weeks late this year. It seems having to be a grown-up comes sooner and sooner for kids today, that the window in which to be a trouble free child has narrowed.

The trappings of Christmas morning still hold a feeling of true magic for children, and I believe the human heart needs that magic before that window is closed forever. Very few other times in life will give someone that same feeling of anything being possible. I know the future is uncertain and the present stinks for many of us. I know the unemployment rate stands at 9%. I know mortgages are upside down. But I also know the magic of Christmas morning is one of the reasons we long to have children in the first place.