Think of how much time we waste waiting at gas stations. Wouldn't it just be easier for us to pump our own gas?

It's something that is frequently talked about on air and the majority of callers seem to be in favor of Jersey having self service.

Occasionally people call in saying "We can't have self service. People will lose their jobs," yet no one has ever called in saying "Don't do it! I'll lose my job!" Not once.

Frankly, if we get self serve gas, it'll only make their job easier.

I propose this to you, Jersey: During the off hours when there's only one person pumping the gas, we should be allowed to pump our own gas. Since there's typically only one person there at night anyway, no one has to worry about job security and we can get in and out of the gas station faster.

I proposed this on air and on social media to mixed results. Some of you are happy with the way we have it now:

Some wish we could have it like other states:

And some of you have little faith in your fellow drivers:

What do you think?

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