Are incidents like the massacre in Aurora, Colorado going to cause some Jersey residents to stay in their homes? Probably not, according to one local expert.

Bill Sette of Lakewood-based Preferred Behavioral Health says when it comes to the lingering impact of a tragedy, your involvement to the event and proximity are definitely factors. He says "these events are so distant from our daily lives that I don't think for most people those feelings linger."

However, Sette says the World Trade Center attack was a different story because of the enormity of the event and the constant news coverage that had some people glued to their tv's. "Many of those folks turned up with symptoms of anxiety and symptoms of depression even though they weren't directly involved."

However, he says tragedies could have an impact on the way we experience theater going in the future. He says because of the terrorist attacks on 9-eleven, enhanced security measures could be put in place because of the shootings.

On the other hand he adds, there have been horrific incidents like shootings and carjacking's at shopping malls through out the country but that hasn't stopped people from going to the malls. "Are they a hair more cautious? Probably. They probably don't at night park off in an unlit area and they try to park I'm sure closer to the building."

We have learned that police departments through out New Jersey have stepped up patrols at public places like movie theaters as a result of the Colorado shooting and there have been arrest.