Today on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett said what we’ve all been thinking and saying this week.  Corbett said that Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary met “the minimum obligation” of reporting what he saw to his superiors.  The bosses at Penn State were required by PA law to report assaults to authorities, but they never did. 

The Governor went on to say McQueary “did not in my opinion meet a moral obligation that all of us would have”.  Neither did Paterno, Schultz, Spanier and Curly.

Looking the other way or just meeting “the minimum obligation” and hoping superiors would take care of the problem or thinking “it’s not my problem” - ruined the lives of at least 8 boys.

In trying to cover-up the crimes of Jerry Sandusky to protect the “Penn State” brand and their careers—all were historically ruined.  These selfish inactions also were also devastating to 95,000 current students and hundreds of thousands of alumni.

While it is impossible to imagine ANY good coming out of the Penn State scandal, maybe the events of the past week have made us all stop and think about our own moral obligations when confronted with everyday situations.

Perhaps this unthinkable tragedy that happened in safe and pleasant “Happy Valley” leads to a cultural change.  Moral obligation.  Will we do the right thing?  I hope we will.