It would appear that any real chance at property tax reform is dead.

All you have to do is look at the annual gathering of our state's mayors in Atlantic City to see it. Mayors were begging for help. What they got was speeches and political posturing that will translate into legislative gridlock for the next two years.

Governor Christie took to the stage to talk chastise the legislature for not passing reforms on sick payouts and civil service rules that mayors say will help them reign in costs. Democrats immediately denounced the governor's speech. Then the latest round of blame storming began on why your property taxes keep rising. Gone was any sense of bi-partisanship that existed when the Governor and Senate President Sweeney moved landmark pension and health benefits reforms.

It is likely Christie will seek re-election, and democrats -- emboldened by this month's election day victories, are already moving into full campaign mode to try and stop him. While politics as usual returns to the State House, as is always the case, taxpayers will pay the price.