The unemployment rate is over 8 percent and economists say the trend will continue with additional layoffs.  There is no job with "bullet proof" security. There are some professions that do, and will continue to have a high demand for workers for the remainder of the decade.

Before we get into specifics, a report from Georgetown University says there is a growing demand for workers in the health-care field.  By the end of the decade there will be a need for an additional 3 million health-care workers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has listed several occupations that not only will be adding jobs, but will have higher than average pay increases.

You'll notice that some of the jobs I'll mention require a lot more training than others.  Here they are:


Physical Therapist: projected 10 year job growth 61.7 percent   annual pay about $72,000

Ultrasound Technician: projected 10 year job growth 43.5 percent   annual pay about $58,000

Financial Adviser: projected 10 year job growth 32.1 percent   annual pay about $65,000

Logistics Specialist:  projected 10 year growth 29.3 percent   annual pay about $48,000

Biomedical Engineer: projected 10 year growth 61.7 percent   annual pay about $72,000

Social Worker: projected 10 year growth 24.8 percent   annual pay about $44,000

Electrician: projected 10 year growth 23.2 percent   annual pay about $41,000


Petroleum Engineer: projected 10 year growth 17 percent   annual pay about $116,000

Hopefully this may be of some help for those of you who are unemployed, under employed, or graduating college or high school.

If you work in a profession that is or will be hiring in the future, please comment and let us know.