The head of a "gamer academy" in London says that professional video gamers peak at 18 or 19, according to an excellent article by the Wall Street Journal. I felt old when I started seeing the offspring of professional athletes grown up; I can't imagine facing the prospect of having your career over in your twenties. Professional gamers can make $18000 a month or more, but they practice about 12 hours a day; I think even if you like a video game, 12 hours a day would suck the fun out of just about anything.

Again according to the head of the London gamer academy, your reflexes start to slow after the age of nineteen or so, and you're no longer of any use to the professional video gaming team. At least now I have an excuse for why my 16 year old son so thoroughly dominates me on the PS3; he even beats me at the MLB game now, too. That used to be the one game where I could beat him, but now its just like NHL, Call of Duty, and the rest. I get humiliated.