How long can you expect to be behind bars if you’re convicted of prison for selling two assault rifles, an assault pistol, and a revolver to an undercover detective and an informant in a weapons trafficking probe by the New Jersey State Police? For a Linden man, the answer is 10 years.

In January, Andre Doss, pleaded guilty to second-degree counts of conspiracy, unlawful possession of two assault firearms, and unlawful possession of a revolver, as well as third-degree unlawful possession of a weapon. Today, Doss was sentenced to 10 years in prison, including five years of parole ineligibility.

“We are taking illegal guns off the streets through our criminal investigations and gun buybacks,” said acting State Attorney General John Hoffman. “Moreover, through prison sentences such as this one, we also are taking the gun traffickers off the streets.”

In his guilty plea, Doss admitted that he arranged and, with the help of co-defendant Duquan Wells, completed sales of an ITM Arms Co. semi-automatic rifle, a Tula Arsenal fully automatic rifle with large-capacity magazine, and a .22-caliber revolver. The guns were sold to an undercover detective of the New Jersey State Police.

“This defendant was willing to sell deadly assault weapons to anyone willing to pay his asking price,” said Director Elie Honig of the Division of Criminal Justice. “He showed a complete indifference to the potential violence that could be inflicted with his wares.”