Some Princeton University students are in an uproar over the university's booking of rapper Big Sean for their Lawnparties concert in May.

Princeton University campus (Princeton University, Office of Communications)

So Princeton University booked Big Sean for their upcoming concert only to have students petitioning to drop him over his lyrical content, according to

Didn’t anyone at Princeton do their homework? If they did, then maybe they can explain why they hired a guy whose songs, as the petition states, promotes "rape culture and misogyny." In fact, did anyone OK the phrase used in the promotional video for the May 3rd Lawnparties show?

Princeton wanted Big Sean so bad that they stretched their $50,000 another $15,000 to get him.

Student government officials say it’s too late to make any changes to the show since the contracts are signed. They don’t say whether or not they tried to end the contract. Do you think they should cancel the performance? I say a deal’s a deal; let the buyer beware. It seems like those petition-circulating Princeton students learned a very valuable lesson.

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