With just weeks to go before Super Bowl 46, all eyes are on the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

It's anyone's guess at this point and sports fans all around are placing their bets. Would you ever listen to an animal's predictions on the game's winner? What if that animal had a good record of being right.

So lets see. Punxatawney, Pennsylvania has Phil the weather-predicting groundhog and Lacey Township, New Jersey has Princess, the sports loving camel. The Bactrian camel lives a life of comfort at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Ocean County.


Her love of graham crackers helps fuel her interest in predicting the future about sports. Zoo General Manager John Bergmann writes the name of the competing teams on each hand. Then he places the cracker and whichever one Princess goes to first, is her pick for that game.

Yesterday, Princess picked the Giants as this year's winner. She's been predicting the winners of regular season and playoff games since 2006 and has only been wrong during a Super Bowl once.