Michael Vick isn't looking over his shoulder, though he could be a few more turnovers away from a seat on the bench.

Michael Vick (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Vick's job as the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles has never been less secure than it is now. He's going to have to prove himself on a weekly basis going forward.

"I'm giving it everything that I've got and I'm going to continue to do that," Vick said Wednesday. "I can sit here at my locker and say, `We're going to do it. We're going to get it done.' It has to happen on Sundays. That's it. Bottom line."

The Eagles (3-3) are coming off a bye that followed two straight losses on final-play field goals. Coach Andy Reid already made it clear he'll do whatever he can to turn the team around when he fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo after six games. After that move, Reid sent notice to the players that everyone's job is on the line, including Vick's.

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