Wednesday was Day One after President Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations. A bold speech from the president calling out our enemies and standing firm on the fact that America is patient, but we will destroy North Korea if we are threatened. It's clear that Trump's political enemies will stop at nothing to attack the President and diminish him.  But what I noticed Wednesday is that beyond the attacks from the news media and the political Left, is the incredible support that the President is receiving. Not from pundits, not from politicos, but from respected world leaders who know a thing or two about protecting their own nations.

Japan, South Korea and Israel all weighing in to stand with Trump. I'd like to see Trump's critics among the elites in media, academia and politics stand in the shoes of a world leader charged with protecting a nation threatened by terrorists and rogue nuclear capable dictators? Seems that the people who understand sacrifice, duty and real world threats know that it is about time we had an American President standing up for us.

Obama was the American apologist, Bush was the benevolent nation builder. Both failed to secure the homeland. Both will be remembered in history for the failings of diplomacy and never ending wars. Trump may in fact go down in history as the guy who literally took care of business. You may hear in the near future...North Korea? Remember when they were a country?

This build up of nuclear capability didn't happen overnight, just as the terror attacks on September 11th didn't happen without planning and organization. You might say that the world has become increasingly dangerous since the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. Clinton, Bush and Obama got us here, now it's up to Donald Trump to get us out.

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