Bob Hanna, the President of the Board of Public Utilities, called in to Jim's show this morning (11/9) to discuss the restoration of NJ's power.

Allison Joyce, Getty Images

Bob Hanna explains the restoration process and how the utility companies prioritize their customers. As much as residents still with outages may not want to hear it, Hanna feels that the companies have done a good job restoring the power to this point considering the circumstances they've been working under.

Jim also asked the President of the BPU about the infrastructure of the utility companies and how they will look to improve this going forward.

You can listen to the entire interview with Bob Hanna in the audio player below:


Senator Mike Doherty called in shortly afterward to discuss the constant recurring problems, especially in the Northwest parts of the state of residents losing their power. Doherty mentioned that the infrastructure in NJ has to change to provide better power service to these and all residents with constant recurring power outages.

Doherty feels that the power companies have gotten off track with solar panels on the power poles and windmills and things of that nature. The Senator believes that the infrastructure needs to be up to date as the core focus of NJ.

You can listen to the Senator's entire interview with Jim here:

If you are looking to file complaints with the Board of Public Utilities, we have posted the links below to the information and correct forms that you will need.

Information regarding complaints:

The electronic complaint form cane be filled out by clicking this link: