Jerry Hurwitz, president of The Princeton Battlefield Society, joined the discussion of developing the Princeton Battlefield today by giving us some background on what took place at the location and why it's important to keep this spot untouched.

"If anybody knows or studies what Washington did in the American Revolution, I think the high point of his generalship was demonstrated at Princeton," said Hurwitz. "Princeton was absolutely brilliant on the part of Washington. He almost single-highhandedly crippled the British Army at Princeton."

Hurwitz pointed to a "daring" advancement against British troops during the wee hours of the morning to help gain American control of Central Jersey territories like Trenton and New Brunswick as an example of this monumental feat.

Earlier in the show, Lawyer Bruce Afran noted that the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), which sits adjacent to the battlefield, is in the process of excavating the site to build housing for its educational program. The project would disrupt the natural landscape of the location.

Hurwitz mentioned a back-and-forth legal struggle against IAS involving the Delaware-Raritan Canal Commission, in which a commissioner changed his vote to ultimately support IAS.

I pointed out to Hurwitz that a caller suggested having Revolutionary War reenactors lay on the field as a way to get public attention about this issue, and Hurwitz said his organization is considering it.

Listen to his entire segment in the clip above, and check out Afran's full interview for more info on this topic.

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