Adam McGovern, a trustee of the Greystone group joined Jim this morning to discuss a very interesting effort to preserve a piece of New Jersey history.

Screengrab Preserve Greystone Park, Historical

Greystone Park was the only psychiatric hospital at one time in the state of New Jersey. It was also one of the largest building in the country prior to the Pentagon being constructed.

The Greystone group's effort is to prevent the demolition of the building, which the state is currently planning on doing. The building, while not being used for its intended purpose any longer, has a following that do not want to see it torn down and saved for it's historical and architectural value.

"It's a gem of beautiful architecture" McGovern said. McGovern went on to mention that their are people still in New Jersey who hold both fond memories for some and share horror stories about Greystone, but either way, whoever shares their memories regarding Greystone, do not want the building to be forgotten or torn down as the years move on.

You can listen to the interview Jim conducted with Adam McGovern in the 2 audio pieces below.

Part 1

Part 2


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