High temperatures yesterday were milder, though there was nothing mild about it yet.

It was 37 in Atlantic City, 34 and 33 elsewhere.

We have the conditions along the Delaware River easing just enough that I think most advisories and warnings have been cancelled, at least temporarily, until maybe some heavier rain comes in for Saturday.

A bit of snow or a wintry mix to start this morning.  Then later this morning, just some rain or freezing rain.  In fact, a freezing rain advisory is only in effect from Mercer and Middlesex Counties on south, except at the shore until 9 a.m.

They may have to push it a bit later than that.  It's in effect until, at least, 1 p.m. in NW Jersey.  Statewide highs today from the mid 30s to mid 40s.

We're looking at some rain likely tonight with temperatures in the 30s and 40s.

Rain can be heavy, at times, tomorrow with areas of fog in the 56 to 61 range.

That will be gone Sunday.  Sunshine returns with a brisk wind from 45 to near 50.