If you are one of the many displaced residents from Hurricane Sandy and are looking for some form of employment, we have a couple of websites that may be of assistance to you.

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One of our listeners called in yesterday and told Jim that if you would be interested in becoming an inspector, there are jobs available as the restoration of New Jersey begins.
To get more information, log on to PBDISASTERSERVICES.COM.

Another website you can log onto if you are looking for employment is JOBS4JERSEY.COM. If you are looking for temporary disaster relief work, please call their hotline, 877-682-6238. You can also email them at the following address: Sandyhelp@dol.state.nj.us.

Are you an employer and looking for help? Leave your comments and information in the comment field below. Also, if you know of local companies that are hiring in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you can leave that information below as well.