A hazardous material situation at the Trenton Carrier Annex postal facility on Route 130 in Hamilton turned out to be negative following testing.

a Employees and emergency response to an odor at the Trenton Carrier Annex postal facility in Hamilton (6 ABC)

In a statement issued by Hamilton Township, a hazmat team was called in after a  male employee reported feeling sick.at the facility that is not open to the general public.

The building was evacuated and swept by emergency responders as was the employee's vehicle.13 other employees who also felt sick were monitored for symptoms on site and their vehicles checked as  well. All are in stable condition.

CBS 3 reported that employees described the odor as sweet smelling.

"All HAZMAT meter readings were negative and there is no indication of any spills or leaks and no liquid or powder substances that were found in the building,"  according to the statement.. The U.S. Postal Service says there is no danger in opening mail that was processed by the facility as it had been screened and processed before leaving.

“The safety, security and well-being of everyone is our main priority. We are doing everything in our investigatory powers to get to the bottom of this issue," said said Reginald Wade, Jr., United States Postal Inspector in the statement. "Everyone affected is being monitored and all appear to be doing fine. Only mail carriers with symptoms are being asked to return to the facility."

The building is on the northbound side of the highway near the Shoppes at Hamilton in Mercer County and is separate from the John K. Rafferty Post Office.

Another postal facility in Hamilton, a processing center on the southbound side of Route 130 across from the Marketplace shopping center was the site of an Anthrax scare in the days after the 9/11 attacks in 2001.