Do you stock up on plastic bags when you're out grocery shopping? Well, if not, it could be the time.

There are seven bills currently in legislature that look to curb the amount of single use bags.

In some places stores charge an additional five to ten cents per plastic bag, and one of the proposed bill in Trenton asks for a similar program. The goal would be to rooted primarily over concern the plastic bags cause a great deal of harm to the environment when they end up in the State's streams and waterways.

The Surfrider Foundation says roughly one hundred thousand marine mammals and a million sea birds die because of plastics in the eco-system.

Shoppers however have mixed feelings over any proposed bill. While some acknowledge it would be good for the environment to remove the plastic bags, many say used shopping bags already get recycled in their home when they are used for different things.

One shopper at the Bayville Shoprite noted she used the bags for everything from lining small waste baskets, putting her husbands lunch, and doing "dog poop patrol."

What do you think? Would you pay an extra five or ten cents for each plastic bag you need at the grocery store? Or would you just buy a re-usable shopping bag?