A new report finds fewer vehicles are involved in crashes at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey tunnels, bridges, airports and marine terminals.

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The PA’s 2012 Traffic Crash Report shows there were a total of 6,033 motor vehicle crashes reported at Port Authority facilities in 2012 compared to 6,295 crashes reported in 2011, a decrease of four percent.

A news release indicates the crash rate reduction is due to the Port Authority’s Traffic Safety Improvement Program, which began in 1998. It’s described as a data-driven, systematic approach utilized to identify, prioritize, implement, and evaluate treatments for high hazard and high crash locations at Port Authority facilities.

The program incorporates engineering, enforcement, and education components, and also includes safety education and training, road safety audits, and speed studies.

“The Port Authority continues to be proactive to ensure the safety of the region’s travelers who use our airports, bridges and tunnels and marine facilities,” says Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye.

PA Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni adds “we are committed to reducing hazards and risks and achieving the highest safety standards for all who use our facilities.”

Since 2000, the number of motor vehicle crashes has decreased 38 percent overall at Port Authority facilities.  This includes a 39 percent decrease at the agency’s tunnels and bridges, a 39 percent decrease at airports and a 9 percent decrease at marine terminals.

In addition, crashes at Port Authority facilities decreased four of the past five years.  The crash reduction has translated into a savings of $548 million in comprehensive costs to the Port Authority and the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region.