In the first of what organizers hope to be many, a national food event is slated to hit St. Louis this October. Flavored Nation, a culinary entertainment company based out of New York, says it has chosen the most iconic food item from each of the 50 states and they will be prepared by chefs and restaurateurs who make them best.

So far so good, right?

Then we find out the food that will represent New Jersey is pork roll.

Some are applauding. Others may be scratching their heads. Personally I'm scratching my head. Not Jersey pizza? Is it because this company is based out of New York and New York wanted the stranglehold on pizza for their food item? I don't know what New York will be offering; I'm only speculating.

Pork roll is fine, don't get me wrong. But is that what we're best known for? Maybe it is a niche, and maybe I'm just bitter. All I know is when I've lived away in other states, it's always the pizza I missed the most. Then again you could argue it's the deli. Or the Jersey tomato. Or any number of other things. No disrespect intended for Johnny's Pork Roll and Coffee Truck which will be representing the good old Dirty Jerz come October.

So I thought we'd leave this up to you. Of the following list, what would you think best represents New Jersey? If you don't see your choice, I just didn't think of it, so please leave it in the comment section.

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