Bob Costas, Dan Patrick, and Coach Tony Dungy….step aside!
There’s a bigger pregame show, and it’s going on right now. No, it doesn’t hype what will be one of the most hyped Superbowls in history.

It’s the pregame show for Superbowl commercials.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “why….if were gonna see the commercials during the game, do we need a pre game commercial show?”

Well, besides the obvious reason…the money that the clients spend to create buzz; there’s also this little thing called “social media”
You know what that is…..don’tcha? Of course you do!

And what better way to get the word out that an award winning, buzz creating commercial that costs 3.5 million dollars to air is about to hit the air, is there than a) letting you know by what you’re reading right now; and b) giving you access to it by providing you with a “taste” of what’s to come.

Volkswagen has already worked on this by giving you this preview, which picks up where last year’s left off.

My dad used to say that the agencies must hire a couple of kooks from Belleview to come up with these concepts.

Yeah….they’re kooks all right…..crazy all the way to the bank!

And just to refresh your memory, these are just a couple of the more memorable Superbowl commercials of all time.

And of course, these gems: