The 66th Prime Time Emmy Awards will be handed out tonight – with industry experts predicting that cable networks will dominate over the traditional networks as far as which shows win.

And you do have to admit – some of the best shows, if not THE best shows are all cable.

Take the Best Drama Series nominees for example. Vying for Best Drama is the AMC series “Breaking Bad!” And the best of the best in the category all either are, or seem to be series that you’d only find on “alternative” TV – such as HBO, Showtime, AMC, and streaming services like Netflix.

And for me, someone who doesn’t get to watch too much TV, whenever I do, it’s usually something on cable – like “Homeland,” “True Detective”, “Ray Donovan” – shows like that which have great storylines, writing, and acting.

Plus the language is, for the most part, plainspeak – meaning the f-bombs are left intact.

On the other hand, comedies still seems to find a home on regular broadcast TV, and if broadcast TV wins with anything, shows like “The Big Band Theory” and “Modern Family” will get them noticed.

Otherwise broadcast TV is in for a rough night as the New York times pointed out.

Now imagine yourself as a voting member of the Academy. If there were a category for TV’s “Coolest Show” – which would you pick?

And I know I left some shows out of the poll, mainly because there are just too many from which to choose - so feel free to nominate your own.