I was nominated a couple of times within the last few weeks to take the Ice Bucket Challenge to bring awareness to ALS or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis otherwise known as Lou Geherig’s disease.

I have yet to get doused – and now I wonder whether this is all being done merely to satisfy the desire of the participants to be seen on social media having ice cold water poured on their heads.

I’m also wondering whether or not the stunt has had its “15 minutes.”

While it can be said that those suffering from ALS live with this day in and day out – hoping one day for a cure to a disease that eats away at your very core until you can’t even eat or breathe on your own – is this being done for all the right reasons?

I’d venture to say “yes.”

No, it's not gonna cure the disease, but it does bring awareness.

I heard this first hand. While doing a back and forth with Steve the other night after he’d been drenched by his twin sons – a caller who was taking the challenge hadn’t a clue as to what ALS is.

Mission accomplished - now the caller knows.

So, as you can see, the publicity of the challenge has actually worked – at least for one person.

And according to this report by Kellie Flaherty at the Vidette, the money raised by those who’ve either refused to get dunked – and those who’ve still been dunked and are giving a check anyway has been impressive, to the tune of $23 million in three weeks. That is 10 times the amount it received for the same period last year.


And the following is a video of Jon Bon Jovi being dunked by Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Governor Christie.

By the way, I’ve seen firsthand how slowly destructive it is and how it takes its toll on a body.
There’s nothing worse than living with the inevitability of losing control over bodily functions you’ve taken for granted all your life.

So anytime someone wants to dunk me – I’m ready with swim trunks, a towel, and a checkbook.