In researching this piece, I never realized that it was exactly one year ago today I’d posted this piece on men who work in the frigid cold wearing panty hose to keep warm.

And now that we’ve entered the doldrums of winter with all that it has to offer – why not ask it again?
Would you wear pantyhose to keep you warm if you work in the frigid cold?

According to Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, it doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon.

I live by the expression, “any port in a storm” – and even though it’s not a storm we’re suffering through; still you need to keep those areas of your body that you’d normally cover with less protection warmer.

So, what does the trick?

Not many years ago, when my dad worked in the Javits Convention Center in the city; he’d tell of how one loading dock faced the open waters of the Hudson – and how searing cold the wind was once the huge doors were opened.

The solution for him? Those charcoal pouches that stay warm for a short period of time.

As for me, delivering bread outdoors in the cold was a challenge since I hated thermal “long johns.”
But when the temperatures dipped below 20 – I threw out all pretense and put them on gladly.
So if women’s hose does the trick – would you wear it?

If it were me – I’d answer it in a heartbeat.

No problem.