My “take away” from the Ask the Governor Show tonight:

1) He’ll only run for President if he decides –

Its good for him

It’s good for his family

It’s good for the country

2) Whether or not he can do the 2 jobs at once – meaning run for President and be Governor at the same time.

He mentioned having all the electronics in front of him that he needs to keep in touch with what’s going on here.

What you need to understand is that every decision he makes here will have major implications nationally. In other words, he’ll be making decisions with considerations on how it will look to the rest of the country (ban on pig gestation crates bill veto).

My take: he really needs to resign from the Governorship if he plans to run.

3) PARCC test – his assessment is that kids need to be tested and that the argument that it will put too much stress on kids is more or less an excuse. Do they really need to be tested twice a year between 3rd and 11th grades? And how much learning time does this testing take away.

Your comments as always are welcome!