Polls have suggested that a majority of New Jerseyans support the banning of pig gestation crates – an instrument used by pig farmers in order to limit the movement of sows during times of gestation.

By vetoing the bill calling for the ban, critics have blasted the Governor for kowtowing to the interests of Iowa pig farmers instead of the interests of New Jerseyans.

Yet, I wonder – is this in the best interests of New Jerseyans?

Or for that matter of New Jersey pig farmers – of which there are about 300, and whose pig population numbers around 9,000.

And, as far as we know, pig farmers here, for the most part, don’t use the crates.

So why bother banning their use here?

Animal activists claim the practice is cruel by not allowing the sow to move about - and that the Governor would be taking the moral high road by sending a message to the rest of the country that the practice is wrong.

However, by vetoing the ban bill – he’s sent a message for sure.

It’s that his soul – and presidential ambitions – are for sale to the highest bidder.

Hence another scathing criticism from Jersey native Jon Stewart who took the Governor to task for his vetoing the bill.

I think the issue is being politicized on both sides.

Somehow I doubt the politicians who’ve supported the bill really care about how pigs are raised.

This is more about derailing the Governor’s chances of culling favor with Iowan pig farmers – the support of whom he needs if he’s to win the Iowa caucuses in his presidential run.

As for him – his transparency is showing. Which is to say – his lust to support any constituency that will assure him a competitive run at the presidency.

And all the while, one has to ask oneself – do a majority of Jerseyans really care about the interests of Iowa’s pig farmers?

Or of the fate of pigs in general? (A former governor sure did when "flying pigs" flew over the Statehouse - derailing his chances of a second term!)

Who knows? Maybe the fate of pigs - whatever that may be - will have the same effect on this governor as well.