When you get arrested, part of your Miranda Rights says “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." Should anything you say in a comedy club be used against you in your day job? What if your day job was coaching kids in football?

Rob DiJoseph is listed as a coaching coordinator on the suspended Mount Olive Junior Marauders Football Association. The team's football games were cancelled due to allegations of game violations and poor sportsmanship by both players and coaches.

It turns out that DiJoseph once performed a 5 minute routine on June 21st 2011 at The New York Comedy Club in Manhatten where he cracked jokes on gays, blacks, sexual fetishes, internet pornography and masturbation. This has parents up in arms as to whether DiJoseph should be associated with the team. I say, so what.

Whether or not you agree with DiJoseph's point of view or find him funny, keep in mind he’s trying to be funny on a stage in front of adults who are paying to see him. There were no children harmed during the making of this video. We really don’t know if his material is how he really feels or just him trying to be funny.  Either way, have we reached the point where we have to screen our coaches what they feel is funny? How about we work with our children so that when they hear it, they see it for what it is.