Dopey me.

I just got that Roku thingy and connected it to my 150 inch TV down in my man-cave.

(I’m jesting about the size of the TV, just like guys jest about the size of other things.)

Problem is this.

Since there’s no football on TV this weekend (nobody watches the Pro-Bowl!) and the weather’s gonna suck – why not just fire up the Roku and check out what’s on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

More the latter since everyone and his brother has been raving about the new shows on the “channel.”

(PS – they’re not called “channels” anymore. They’re “streaming services.”
“Channels” is so 1950.)

So I throw caution to the wind and will check out “Orange is the New Black.’
Then there’s “House of Cards!”

I know, I’m a bit behind everyone else.
But so what - I got the time.

Trouble is I’m risking becoming a mushroom – sitting in the cold dark basement staring at the iridescent glow of the TV.

And I’ll join the ranks of millions of my fellow addicts who’ve can’t tear themselves away from their TVs.

There are lots of problems associated with “streams.”

One of which is struggling to decide what to watch. Will it be a movie? TV show? What???

Then once you’ve decided on one, it magically goes away. The episodes run out, and you scream like a junkie needing another fix.

So then it’s on to the old shows – until you run out of those.

Now what to do?

You realize that perhaps it’s time to take up another activity – like basket weaving.

But how to accomplish this?

Probably by joining a support group like Netflix Anonymous.

I could just see myself at one of those meetings – standing there with that orange pallor all over my face :
"Hi, I’m Ray, I used to be a DJ but now I've lost everything and have become a Netflex junkie.

Don't let this become you.
Watch responsibly! (If there is such a thing!)