By the way it’s being proposed, you’d think plastic bags – the kind that are used by groceries and most other retailers – were the bane of existence here in New Jersey.

Yes, some do litter the streets. Yes, some find their way into waterways choking wildlife. But so do discarded milk bottles and soda bottles.

However, plastic bags have also been recycled, as in the use of Trex, the material which is a wood substitute used in decking.

So to discourage the use of plastic bags, Mercer County freeholders are placing on the ballot a non-binding referendum a five-cent plastic bag fee.

Here’s what I find funny about the plan.

No one has stated where the money would go.

Even though I think this would be a non starter with most Mercer County voters – wouldn’t you view this as just another tax?

According to this report:

“The specifics of the bag fee, including what the proceeds would be used for, would be addressed only if county voters give the thumbs-up to proceed, county officials have said.

If you voted for the proposal, wouldn’t you want to know where the money is going? If it would be going into the merchant’s pocket; then why even have it put on the ballot. The merchant himself could just impose the fee without they're being a vote on it.

No, it looks to me like just another revenue generator. And haven’t we learned out lesson about revenue generators by now?

I guess not!