I guess the Mason Dixon Line has moved north.

According to an article that appears in New York magazine in its “What’s It Like” column, which delves into unusual relationships - (of which I have to wonder whether or not the relationship described is valid) - an 18-year-old girl from the Great Lakes region claims she’s marrying her biological father and moving to New Jersey where adult incest isn’t against the law.

The unnamed teen claims that she’d only seen her father when she was a mere child and never had any kind of bonding relationship with him since he and her biological mother were separated.

The father/daughter relationship began in earnest when the girl turned 15 and started spending more time with him.

Due to her abandonment issues, she felt she could not sleep alone – and while the father would, at first, make sure to sleep apart from his daughter – he eventually allowed her to sleep with him, at which time one thing led to another, and they began having sex.

The story goes on to say that they’ll be taking up residence in New Jersey since there are no laws against adult incest.

Furthermore, she’s not worried about the repercussions of them having children.

A fairy tale worthy of Penthouse Forum perhaps?

Well, putting the credence issue aside for one moment, one has to wonder whether or not a relationship like this could be considered legal under the law.

Former Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi weighed in saying that that so long as certain criteria were met, a sexual relationship between the two may be legal.

"So long as she's not mentally incapacitated, they're both over the age of 18, and there's no physical force or coercion, or he's not otherwise subject to specific parole stipulations.”

Judging by some of the “facts” in the article, it would seem like she was being groomed.

Either way, it’s too outrageous to be believed. And assuming it to be true, somewhere in the psyche of the father – there had to be some shred of reason prohibiting this from ever happening.

Do you buy the story of the father/adult daughter sexual relationship?