We got the mass email from my sister, Chrissy Bones, last week.

Girl Scout cookie season is here…or as we call it, the "yearly shake down"!

My lovely niece has a goal to meet.

Sell 700 boxes and get a tee shirt! (God, sounds eerily familiar!)

So now she becomes a little Irish-Italian shake-down artist.

(Uncle Ray knows how to stay on her good side!)

But the burning question on everyone’s mind this year is: Which cookie comes out on top?

Will it be the perennial favorite Thin Mints, or the newcomer Savannah Smiles?

(I guess they don’t have anything like Social Teas, ‘cause I can eat sleeves of them at a time!)

Or, if you’re like me, and you need to go off the reservation, throw in a vote for Chips Ahoy!