I keep my personal feelings aside as I’ve said on many an occasion – I like the guy.

That being said, I’m not surprised that a recent Washington Post poll rates him second among 2016 Republican presidential candidates – behind Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Consider this:
1) Out of the 50 states, we are the eighth-worst run state in the country, according to a report on WallStreet247.com.

Despite our low poverty rate, we still have the highest rate of unemployment in the region.
The study said New Jersey's cost of living is the third highest in the United States — 14 percent higher than the typical state. Its reported debt per capita of $7857 in 2012 was the fifth highest in the nation.

2) Demeanor: You can find a good many people here in the state that love the Governor’s “take no prisoners” style of governance. It’s the “Jersey Guy – tell it like it is approach” we love so much. See how “sit down and shut up”Youtube moment goes over in the flyover.

My guess, not very well.

3) His conservative credentials:

Many in the Republican establishment see the Governor as a RINO, or Republican In Name Only. Yes, he’s come out opposing same-sex marriage and has talked the talk – but his stance on giving the children of illegal immigrants the ability to pay in-state rates at state colleges (the DREAM Act) may come back to haunt him.

One thing that does bode well for him, and has raised his stature in the party, is his ability to raise money for the party in his position as chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association.

And since money is the mother’s milk of politics – his marquee value has been raised since the last time a poll such as this was taken.

But as I’ve stated, Paul tops the list with Christie ranking second.
Behind him at 3rd was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, followed by Sen. Marco Rubio, also of Florida, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker – who doesn’t have much name recognition right now.

But trust me on this one.

Once we get down to primary season, the Governor’s Achilles heels will start to show.

Expect to see a montage of Youtube clips showcasing Christie at his best – along with all the statistics citing how that “Jersey Comeback” has worked so far! Ask residents of Union Beach how they feel about that one - 2 years removed from Sandy

My money is on the hunch that he won’t get past Super Tuesday.

Then again, I could be wrong! What say you?