As of this writing, the top RNC fundraiser is stepping down from his position and is poised to join a Christie in ’16 campaign.

Or so the pundits say.

I have yet to hear the State of the State, but I’m waiting to see just how the Governor is going to spin how he's done since the last State of the State - and whether or not we're better off than we were a year ago.

Of course the national wonks will be watching with interest.

What with unemployment in the region lagging behind our neighboring state, property tax relief still a pipe dream; and just some of his own missteps (“shut up and sit down”) – will he give off the vibe of a leader – or just another politician?

Despite some of the rumblings some prosepective GOP candidates have made, the Governor still has the support of some heavyweight fundraisers and campaign donors.

Billionaire Kenneth Langone – cofounder of Home Depot is looking to convince other donors that Christie is the better of the prospective crop of candidates to lead the country into the next decade.

There’s also a full itinerary of stops out of state the Governor is planning to make – especially in those states which are key to gaining the support of the GOP faithful.

All this points to – without actually having announced his intentions – is that the Governor intends to run.

But are we ready for the “Jersey Guy” –“Bruce Loving” – Dallas Cowboy fan – to occupy the Oval Office?

Not that those considerations should have anything to do with your decision. Hopefully you’ll decide on meatier items than those.

But chance are that since - as a whole - we vote with our hearts instead of our heads leads me to think differently.

Do you want to see a President Chris Christie?