SNL has this schizophrenic quality to it. The show can either be very funny at times – or a total letdown. And when it's good - or in some cases, crass - it's what everybody talks about the next day or so.

I don’t’ know if anyone made it through the Christie/Kaci Hickox bit but the stint that seems to have grabbed the most attention was guest host Chris Rock’s opening monologue about the Boston Marathon; and eventually his commentary centering around the opening of the Freedom Tower.

I don’t know if he was aware of it – maybe he was – that the first tenants will be moving in today.

Conde Nast is said to be taking up residence in the building. And notably the Observation Deck will be opening shortly as well.

According to this, he said

”They should change the name from the ‘Freedom Tower’ to the ‘Never Going In There Tower.”
He went further, asking such questions as, “Does the building duck?” and, “Who’s the corporate sponsor, Target?”

I laughed. I thought the same thing, and have been thinking the same thing for a while.

Would I ever want to take a job that was housed in One World Trade? Would I ever want to climb to the Observation Deck?

This is where some have a problem.

You laugh because you're thinking, "that's true" - but then you catch yourself laughing about a tragedy that took the lives of 29 hundred people including scores of Port Authority cops, New York City cops, firemen, and those first responders who still suffer from the ravaging effects of having volunteered their time searching for victims.

Maybe you brush it off - or maybe you write a letter to Lorne Michaels.

Either way, check out the monologue, and see for yourself how his monologue went over; and then comment below.

Was Chris Rock Freedom Tower bit funny or offensive?