Old school parents would never have put up with this – but then again, old school parents didn’t live in the age of smartphones and sexting.

In the Bridgewater Raritan School District, an 8th grade boy kept pestering a 7th grade girl for nude pictures and other various sexual favors. She reported the harassment to her guidance counselor - but the school merely reprimanded the boy – telling him he could wind up as a registered sex offender.

That didn’t go too far. He just kept on bothering her.

Her parents got involved, complaining to school officials - whose answer was for them to talk to the kid’s parents - saying, in effect, that it was natural adolescent curiosity.

At that point, I probably would have left the school out of it and gone to the boy's parents – and if the situation continued, then I would have considered having the kid’s private parts cut off.

But that’s just me.

But today there are laws in place where the school has to get involved – called the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.

And we've railed against that before - saying that the school has no business getting involved in situations involving kids outside of school.

However, since the boy was harassing her in school, thereby disrupting the daily operation of school activities - they had to get involved.

But they decided to punt, in effect saying what I reported above, which is it was only "adolescent sexual curiosity"

Upon that, the parents went to an appeals hearing before the Board of Education – which found the school misapplied the Harrisment/Intimidation/Bullying guidelines in place.

Long story short – the district now has to clarify its bullying policies.

Sad that we can't handle it ourselves. But some parents can be "caba tuosto" (obtuse) – in which case if I were to get no satisfaction from them, I’d go to the cops, just to cover my ass.

In the words of John Quinones: “what would you do?”