Some gun enthusiasts are jumping up and down with the proposal made by a couple of New Jersey assemblymen requiring those who would like to initially purchase a firearm to have a certificate stating that they’ve completed a gun safety course.

The logic behind their argument is that it’s another impediment to allow someone to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to purchase and bear arms.

However, it would not require anyone who already owns a gun to take the course – or retake it once they’ve passed the course.

And it would exempt those who’ve learned how to use firearms in the military or as members of law enforcement.

This runs counter to the argument some NRA members have made that it makes good sense.

One doesn’t get behind the wheel and drive a car without passing a teat granting them a permit. However, driving isn’t a basic right granted under the US Constitution.

Still, one driving without the proper training stands to kill someone.

Let’s face it – even those with the proper training behind the wheel can kill someone. Just like those who have proper training in the handling of firearms can be killed.

Witness the death of the firearms instructor last summer in Arizona teaching a 9 year old girl how to shoot and Uzi.

While this was a tragic accident, many have said that instructor Charles Vacca should have known to stand behind, not beside the girl when showing her how to handle the high-powered machine gun.

Yet, with all his training, once the gun recoiled after the 9 year old shot off a round, Vacca paid dearly.

Some others might also say that they’ve learned at home from parents, grandparents, or responsible parties the proper way to shoot and handle firearms. Yet, does that necessarily qualify the would be purchaser to own and shoot a gun?

Both legislators are gun owners and feel this wouldn’t overburden the would-be gun owner.

“Both Assemblyman Lagana and I are gun owners. We’re not anti-gun. We’re pro-safety. It’s not a matter of over-burdening gun owners. I would think it would make sense to anybody to want to be responsible,” Eustace explained.

If you’re already a permit carrying gun owner, this doesn’t apply. But assuming you’re responsible (and I have no reason to believe the contrary), why would you oppose this measure?