Put Bridgegate, the Hoboken Scandal and high property taxes aside and amazingly New Jersey is still a great place to be.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Politico magazine ranked NJ the 12th best state in the union. The magazine used 14 different state rankings including the Census Bureau, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, and the FBI, among others.

Here's a sampling of how New Jersey ranks against the other states in the union:

- New Jersey ranks 4th in wealth per capita with an average of $35,928. The District of Columbia had the highest ($45,004) and Mississippi was ranked lowest ($20,670).

- New Jersey had the 10th highest unemployment rate in the country at 7.8%.  North Dakota was the lowest (2.6%) and Rhode Island (9%) was the highest.

- New Jersey ranked fourth-lowest poverty rate at 9.9% of the population living under the poverty rate. In comparison, New Hampshire (8.4%) ranked 1st and Mississippi (22.3%) was last.

- New Jersey ranked 26th highest in high school graduation rates at 87.9%. Wyoming (92.1%) was the highest and Texas was the lowest.

- In terms of home ownership, New Jersey ranked 37th. West Virginia (73.7%) had the highest home ownership, while Massachusetts (41.6%) ranked last in home ownership.

- New Jersey ranked 8th in life expectancy with an average of 80.3. Hawaii was 1st at 81.3 and Mississippi was last at 75.

To see the entire list and how New Jersey fared, visit Politico Magazine's website.