Can you believe we’ve reached a point in a country based on freedom of speech and a state built on attitude that we’ve become afraid of words? Words don’t hurt anybody yet they’ve become a foundation of anti bullying laws. By the way, what is the penalty if you’re found guilty of anti bullying? Anybody know? Me neither. But I digress…

People are up in arms over the fact that Governor Christie called Assemblyman Reed Gusciora a “Numbnuts.” Christie has also called a former Navy Seal an idiot. Both times as a reaction. to their comments There is a Fairleigh Dickinson University Public Mind Poll that says 87 per cent of New Jersey voters say politicians should lay off name calling completely. Put me in the other 13 per cent. Name calling is probably one of the few times we actually hear honestly from politicians. Do you think they really mean it when they use the same old clichés to describe people? It’s been my experience that people don’t trust people who are polite but really buy into the honesty when they’re down and dirty. I think the best thing about Governor Christie is that you know EXACTLY what he thinks and that’s a good thing.

Freedom of speech is a big deal with me. It’s why I got into radio and then standup comedy. More and more that freedom is not only being taken away but now it can be costly. Today, television classics like “All In The Family” Maude” and MASH would never get on the air. In school anything you say can and will be used against you in the anti bullying world in which we live in.

When I grew up in Union City everybody called everybody names. Today, no one would be able to run for office and we’d have anti bullying records. I never thought I’d see this in New Jersey. In the words of Asbury Park native Jack Nicholson who played the Joker in the movie Batman.."This Town needs an enema”