New Jersey has an abysmal turnout rate for our elections. In some precincts, it's less than 10%. One of the main reasons people tell us they don't vote is because they hate all the political bickering.

With the Governor and the entire legislature up for re-election next year the political rhetoric is getting worse, not better, and this is just the start.

At his Town Hall Meeting Wednesday, Christie insisted all of this is just for show, and he and the Democrats really do get along.

"We express our disagreements in fairly plain and direct language - that doesn't mean we don't get behind closed doors and say to each other, okay, you feel this, I feel that, what can we get done…I still am very hopeful that we're going to get a lot done in the next 4 months- I understand that the rhetoric has been amping up, but the rhetoric has never been cool in the last 2 years."

The problem with this logic, is that we don't get to see what happens behind closed doors.

All we get to hear is the constant bickering and sniping that has turned off so many to the workings of our government. Wouldn't it be nice if we got to see this great spirit of cooperation for once? What would happen if the public really got to hear a reasoned debate?

Unfortunately, that's not likely, and the risk of disenfranchising even more voters grows with every piece of posturing.