Donald Trump may be back on top of the polls, but will he make it to Election Day as a viable presidential candidate?

NYT bestselling author Roger Stone offered his perspective on my show Friday on how Trump stands against political opponents like Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie. Stone is the former adviser the campaign says it fired — though he says he quit.

"Hillary Clinton is all about hypocrisy," said Stone. He pointed to his book "Hillary's War on Women," which he said includes multiple instances where Clinton has spoken out of both sides of her mouth on everything from gun control to sexual assault.

Stone said he resigned from the Trump campaign in August to eliminate any confusion over a connection between the campaign and his book.

When asked about whether Christie and Trump will team up in the future, Stone pointed out that the two have a long relationship, despite some disagreements (like whether New Jersey Muslims were celebrating the 9/11 attacks).

"I do think that Chris Christie's smart enough to know that if he attacks Trump he's gonna get a mouthful of the George Washington Bridge and the shady deal he did with Jerry Speziale in Passaic County to trade a job — which by the way is a felony," Stone said. "So if he really wants to talk about vulnerabilities I think he'd be in trouble."

According to Stone, Trump would "get right in his face," with a rebuttal.

(There's a little inside ball here: Stone was making a reference to allegations made in a sworn statement by David Wildstein, a former Port Authority official who has admitted to being the planner behind the George Washington Bridge closings.

Wildstein alleges after Christie fired Arthur Cifeli from a post at the Port Authority, making room for Speziale, he told staffers Cifelli had perjured himself during grand jury proceedings — even though Christie was bound by law to keep grand jury proceedings secret. Wildstein also alleges Christie said he wanted to get Speziale to drop a re-election bid for Passaic County Sheriff, making it easier for a Republican to win the post.)

Stone pointed out the importance of political unity in the face of national security threats, referencing how both parties in Israel were opposed to the Iranian deal in which we gave $150 billion of dollars to terrorists.

In the end, he also reassured us of Trump's ability to stay in the race.

"I think those who underestimate Trump do so at their own peril," he said. "It's not only the fact that he's riding the crest of this Islamic extremist issue. It is that voters think the entire system is broken, corrupted. They think it's a cesspool."

Trump, he said, is viewed as the only candidate who isn’t "jumping to the tune" of the latest billionaire or Super PAC, and therefore has the reputation as someone who is also independent and “impervious” to influence.

"An American president who actually works for the people," Stone said.

Do you agree with what Stone said about Trump? Is The Donald actually "impervious" to influence? Let me know in the comments section below or by tweeting @BillSpadea.
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