I took on the took on the issue of the horrific murders of police officers on Dallas Friday morning. The leaders of New Jersey police unions, Bob Fox from the FOP and friend of the show Pat Colligan from the PBA called in to offer perspective on how NJ law enforcement prepares for a possible attack.

Bill Spadea

The importance of #BlueFriday on New Jersey 101.5 was more clear today than the average Friday as we honored the role that law enforcement plays in the daily lives of Americans. The fact that law enforcement officers are under attack was made abundantly clear today in the act and aftermath of the brutal murders in Dallas.

The bottom line is this: There is a thin blue line that separates civilization from criminal chaos.

In an unexpected twist on the conversation, I even took the time to discuss the issue of police interaction in minority communities with minority callers, including a member of the Black Lives Matter movement.

You may be surprised by the conversation.

We need to stand up strong for law enforcement an make sure that every video that surfaces is subject to serious scrutiny before we allow the media to jump to conclusions indicting officers in the court of public opinion.

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