As if police don't have enough to deal with.  Now they are being sued by transgendered people they come in contact with. 

Oli Scarff, Getty Images

One case is an Amira Gray, a 26 year old transgendered woman from Maryland who says she was humiliated by the officer in a traffic stop calling her "Mr." and "sir".  The same lawyer representing Gray is representing another transgender client who sued the Jersey City Police Department in February for putting him in a holding cell with women, but the catch is he is physically a woman.

A woman who dresses as a man but hasn't had sex reassignment surgery.  Police discovered through fingerprints that the birth name was that of a woman's and didn't match the male name given.  Then when it came time to go to a holding cell police asked, "So what are you?"  The person answered 'male'.  Then the police asked if there had been surgery and the detainee responded no.  "So you're actually a woman? I have to put you with females then because that's what you are," the lawsuit said the officer replied.

Kevin Costello, the attorney, said the police officer had no legal authority to do that.

"Who is that officer to tell a person that they are male or female?" he said. "Once my client said he was male, the officer doesn't need to ask any other questions."

Advocates for transgendered say not having surgery doesn't preclude you from being transgendered.  Manner and appearance and self-identification make you a transgender they say.

Really?  So your sex is now whatever you say it is?  So if a man is arrested for raping women all he has to do is claim he is female and he will be placed no questions asked in a cell with females who he can then overpower and rape?  And what lawsuit will we have then?

It is absurd what police officers have to deal with on a day to day basis.  Now throw political correctness on top of that pile.