I received an email from a listener that really tore at my heart. Her name is Carrie Roberts and her mom and family have been through a terrible time the last two years. Her mom is a two year survivor of pancreatic cancer. Carrie describes it as the scariest time in their lives. But they're NOT asking for anything for themselves. Not at all. They're trying to help others. Carrie and her parents will be walking in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Clark on June 6th trying to raise money to ultimately find a cure for all cancers.

I lost my own father to brain cancer when he was only 62. He never got to meet or even know he has grandchildren, Jack and Mina. He died almost 14 years ago. Two nights ago I still had a dream about him.

Carrie is just like you, a D&D listener who works hard, has a 50 mile commute every day, and yet is taking time to help other people. PLEASE help her help. Here is a link to her personal page where you can donate and get involved. It doesn't have to be much. I know it's easier to tell yourself others will donate and not bother. I get it. But if you could take the time and make a small donation Carrie's mom, and my dad, would appreciate it.